Honoring The Past, Building The Future.

Giving to YMCA Camp Eberhart means that you’re helping to ensure that we continue building on over 100 years of transforming lives. You can help kids today and for generations to come discover the magic of camp. You can help build the future and secure the legacy of YMCA Camp Eberhart.

“Eberhart has made such a difference in  the lives of my children and now my grandchildren. Camp doesn’t just change lives. Camp transforms lives. I want to ensure camp is around for generations of children, helping our young people flourish.”
– Carmi Murphy, Campaign Leadership Cabinet, YMCA Camp Eberhart Mother and Grandmother

“It is not just enough to preserve YMCA Camp Eberhart. When we act to conserve Eberhart, we are acting to preserve the natural setting of our beloved Corey Lake. From Turtle Bay to the waterfront, any investment in YMCA Camp Eberhart is an investment in our future.”
Charlotte Mittler, Campaign Leadership Cabinet, Corey Lake Resident