Mazzie is a registered quarter horse. Miss Mazzie is Barney’s sweetheart. In the pasture you will usually see them together. She is very patient and loves arena work.

Miss Meka spent a good part of her life as an eventer! She’s a big beautiful bay thoroughbred who is a mover! English is her preferred style. Great for lessons & trails.

Mr. Cameo is a POA (Pony of America) breed. Mr. curious and a pocket picker! He loves his treats! Excellent arena and trail guy. He’s a lover for sure.

A beautiful smaller Halfinger with such a lovely girlish face! She rides, pulls a cart & loves swimming in the lake! She’s a youngster with lots of energy and loves to please.

Our “Big Guy” Rocket stands 16-2 hands. He looks black, but is actually a blue roan. He is typically our lead horse on the trail and loves his job!

The cutest pony in the whole wide world! With his signature heart shape on his forehead and pony size, he’s a huggable, loveable guy.

Peaches is a quarter horse. Mr. dependable all day long. He’s been there, done that. He will gladly teach anyone how to ride.

Barney is a Halflinger, built strong and sturdy. He is our resident “surfer dude” with his long blonde hair! He is a camp favorite and a beauty!  Barney is dependable as the day is long. J He is versatile in lessons, trails and pulling a cart.

Little Miss Mia – such a sweetie! She is half halflinger-half paint. She is our “Newbie” and loves camp life! She is such a doll that we could dress her up if we had clothes that fit! Attention is her very favorite thing.

Mr. Moe, our “youngin”. He’s a registered quarter horse, 5 years old. Intermediate/advanced rider for this guy. His gaits are smooth as silk!  Awesome horse to ride.

New arrival – Stevey.  Stevey is a large pony, half Arabian and so so sweet. He’s fitting in nicely and loves camp life already!