Quality programming is at the heart of YMCA Camp Eberhart’s summer experience. Our trained staff will lead campers through many of the programs offered below. Throughout their time at camp, campers will strive to reach their goals through our progressive programming. Below you will find a brief description of each program as well as our proficiency system which is a major part of our summer camp experience. Feel free to read through any of our program handbooks and study up with your camper before they attend camp. Programs marked with an * have an additional fee assigned to them.

Archery has been a part of YMCA Camp Eberhart since 1909! Our archery range is a very safe and controlled environment where campers can earn awards leading to an Archery proficiency. Campers have the chance to practice with both longbows and compound bows. The program features weekly contests and competitions between campers.

Many traditional crafts projects are featured in this program area. Weaving, beading, painting, and ceramics are just a few. Each week we try to add a new and different craft project. Our crafts building is located on the waterfront and offers a beautiful and relaxing location to exercise your creativity.

YMCA Camp Eberhart enjoys one of the only astronomy programs in the entire country, and has been visited by professional astronomers from coast to coast! Our dedicated resident astronomer, Darren Drake, has taught astronomy at the collegiate level, and gives campers the opportunity to discover the inner astronomer in themselves. Combined with our high-tech equipment, campers can take an exciting journey through the universe. YMCA Camp Eberhart is fortunate to enjoy an 18″ Obsession telescope, an 11″ C11 telescope, and a fleet of 8″ Dobsonian telescopes. Campers taking part in our astronomy program will see things they’ve never seen before. A week-long Astro Camp is also available!

This summer’s Music & Drama program is going to be tons of fun! Play with fellow musicians, perform skits and improv and learn how a stage runs. There are eight steps to a drama proficiency. These include a scene award, beginning and advanced acting, a movement award, and others. This is a great place to explore your talents and get lots of attention!

Calling all anglers! Fishing at Corey Lake is next to none. In this program campers will learn the intricacies of the sport from line preparation to fish identification. Fishing is done both from shore and off our pontoon boat. Fishing awards include casting, tackle maintenance, and fish cleaning. Fishing is a skillful and relaxing pastime which many campers continue to enjoy throughout their lives.

An exciting and hands-on week! From beginner to advanced riders, all campers in this summers Equestrian program are looking forward to an exciting and hands-on week. Click here to meet our herd. Our Beginners program is offered during the two morning program periods, and is spent learning the basics of horse healthcare, and on riding technique in the arena and on the trail. Our Intermediate to Advanced riders program is offered during the two afternoon periods. These campers work on improving their riding skills and horsemanship abilities, including cantering and bareback riding. For ages 9 and older. Additional Fee: $140/week. We also have a special Ranch Camp that focuses on horses all week!

Campers twelve and older can take their challenge experience one step further through our 15-foot and 30-foot High Ropes course. All activities are challenge-by-choice. Each camper sets a personal goal to achieve during the week. This is a great program choice for older campers who really want to test their skills and their courage. Guided under the watchful eye of our trained staff, our course operates under the stringent standards of, and is annually inspected by, Low Ropes, Inc. Additional Fee: $50/week

Canoeing is a well-known and traditional camp activity. At YMCA Camp Eberhart, you get the chance to try 3 different boating programs. Campers receive instruction in the techniques of canoeing, rowing, and kayaking while working on awards. The program emphasizes safety on the water, including controlled “swamping” on those hot summer days. Must pass a swim test.

Unlike many other specialty sports camp programs, our sports program is designed to accommodate players of all skill levels and ages. Campers can try their hand at soccer, cricket, basketball, disc golf, tetherball, ultimate Frisbee, and more! We do teach rules and skills, but the emphasis is definitely on fun!

With so much nature available on YMCA Camp Eberhart 200 acres, there’s always something new for campers to learn and discover. Our Nature program is housed on a beautiful and unique environment of “the island”, extending out into Corey Lake. Nature awards include Fire building, plant identification, and fun things like catching and observing insects, snakes, and turtles. All activities emphasize teamwork and respect for our environment. Campers can also enjoy the relaxing atmosphere at this great program.

This free program uses digital photography to teach campers how to capture those special camp memories. Campers take advantage of our beautiful natural setting to learn how to frame photos, use special effects, and develop a creative eye. At the same time they are learning to use and respect the camera and computer equipment. Best of all, they get those special pictures to bring home, share, and remember.

In Rocketry campers will build their own rocket throughout the week. Each piece needs to be carefully placed and glued to optimize aerodynamics. At the end of the week campers will reap the rewards of their hard work and launch their rockets into the front field! Our astronomy staff run rocketry in the morning which makes this a great opportunity for conversation about the universe. Is there life under the ice shelf on Europa? If so, what do you think it looks like? All ages are welcome in this free program.

Campers can gain confidence while learning how to navigate their way up our Rock Wall. A fun, challenging, and free activity, especially for our younger campers.

Riflery is another program with a long tradition at YMCA Camp Eberhart. This free program stresses both skill and safety. Campers are taught the importance of personal responsibility around firearms, as well as learning shooting techniques on a closed and closely monitored range. Campers over the age of 10 may practice marksmanship using .22 caliber rifles. Younger campers are taught with BB guns.

YMCA Camp Eberhart boasts one of the largest sailing fleets of any camp in the Midwest! From Sunfish to Snipes to Scows, we have it all. Campers who take our free sailing programs learn to rig a boat, maintain the sails, tie knots, read the wind, and many more important sailing skills. Earning a proficiency in sailing is a real accomplishment, and often sparks a passion for sailing that lasts into adulthood.  We offer 4 Sailing classes: Sailing for Beginners, Beginners-Intermediate, Intermediate-Advanced (12+), and Advanced (12+). Must pass swim test.

YMCA Camp Eberhart has several swim programs to fit your child’s goals, including fun swim, endurance swim, and swim lessons. Instruction is given at five levels, and campers progress through the levels at their own rate. Our campers have a great time swimming and relaxing in the clean, cool waters of Corey Lake. Many of our campers also experience the rush of jumping off of our legendary “Coop’s Tower”.

Tower Challenge activities are available to campers of all ages. Through the use of our Team Initiatives activities, low ropes course, and 32 ft. climbing tower, campers test their creativity, problem-solving abilities, and team spirit. The majority of activities focus on the climbing tower and on building teamwork skills. Tower Challenge is a great choice for a camper who wants a meaningful growth experience, a chance to bond with other campers, and loads of fun!  Additional Fee: $50/week.

Whether it’s on a bike or by foot, YMCA Camp Eberhart has many miles of picturesque trails that campers can explore – including some of the rarely seen parts of camp to look for wildlife, explore nature, gain respect for the environment, and much more. Trailblazing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors! This is a free activity for ages 9+.

We have beginning to advanced programs. Campers are able to concentrate on either skiing or wakeboarding under the guidance of skilled instructors. The emphasis is on acquiring skills in a manner that promotes both fun and safety. We operate two ski boats through the four program periods, and are able to accommodate a large number of campers. We invite your camper to take advantage of this opportunity to learn an exciting lifetime skill. Warning, campers will have fun! For ages 9 and older. Must pass a swim test. Additional Fee: $140/week.